Potato wilt

Symptomatic strains are slightly dwarfed, and the leaves are light green or green. After the first leaves wilting, the whole plant sags. The recovery starts sooner or later. After 4-5 days, all the stems and leaves of the plant wilts and die, but they remain green and the leaves do not fall off. The veins of the veins are browning, brown stripes appear on the stems, and the vascular bundles become brownish when cross-sections are observed. When the humidity is high, there is overflow of the bacteria liquid on the cut surface. After tuber became infected, the lightness was not obvious. The heavy umbilicus was gray-brown and immersed in water. The tuber was cut and the vascular bundle became brown. The white mucus overflowed during extrusion, but the skin was not separated from the vascular bundle. Cracking, pith ulceration, unlike blight.

Pathogen Pseudomonas solanacearum (Smith) Smith called Pseudomonas paecilioides or Pseudomonas solanacearum, is a bacterium. The cells are short rod-shaped, single-celled, round at both ends, solitary or twin, with 1-3 flagellates, 0.9-2.00.5-0.8 (μm) in size. On broth saccharose agar medium, the colonies were round or unshaped, stained white or dark to dark brown, slightly bulging, smooth with bright light, Gram negative.

Transmission routes and disease conditions The pathogens overwinter in the soil with the diseased tissues. The invading potato chips grow in winter in the cellar. No host can rot in the soil for 14 months to 6 years. The bacteria spread through irrigation water or rainwater, invade from the base of the stem or root wound, and can also enter the adjacent parenchyma cells through the catheter, resulting in irregular water-soaked spots on the stem. Bacterial wilt is a typical vascular bundle disease. After the bacteria invade the vascular bundle, it rapidly breeds and plugs the catheter, preventing water transport from causing wilting. The bacteria can be developed at 10-40 °C, the optimum temperature is 30-37 °C, to adapt to pH 6-8, the optimum pH 6.6, the general incidence of acid soil. High moisture content in the field, heavy rain or heavy rain after the sharp increase in temperature and severe disease.

Prevention and control methods (1) Implementation of cruciferous or gramineous crops for more than 4 years of rotation, preferably with flood grass rotation. (2) Selection of varieties resistant to bacterial wilt. (3) Choose disease-free seedlings and cultivate them with sorghum to avoid flooding. (4) After removing the diseased plants, disinfect the lime. (5) Strengthen cultivation and management, adopt formula fertilization technology, spray 7500 times solution of plant protection or 6000 times solution of love, apply fully decomposed organic fertilizer or plant ash, 5004 solution of 5006, can change microbial community . Lime can also be applied to every 667m2 of 100-150kg to adjust the soil pH. (6) Chemical control Antagonism against bacterial wilt disease, MA-7 and NOE-104, tested by Nanjing Agricultural University. The seedlings were immersed in roots at the time of colonization; they were also treated with streptomycin sulfate or 72% for streptomycin sulfate in the early stage of disease. Powder 4000 times solution or agricultural anti-"401" 500 times, 25% solution of ammonia copper 500 times, 77% can kill the wettable powder 400 to 500 times, 50% of the WP wet powder 400 times Liquid, 12% green milk copper emulsion 600 times, 47% Garnett WP 700 times, root, per plant irrigation good liquid 0.3-0.5L, every 10 days, continuous irrigation 2-3 Times.

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