Japan developed equipment for detecting bone density with ultrasound

Release date: 2010-02-24

Japan's Horiba Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Applied Motor Co., Ltd. have jointly developed medical devices capable of detecting bone density using ultrasound, and are expected to become a new tool for osteoporosis detection.
This kind of equipment is small in size and easy to carry. When it is used, it only needs to send ultrasonic waves to the human wrist. It takes less than 3 minutes for each test to obtain the same accurate bone density detection result as the CT scan.
According to reports, the principle of using ultrasonic to detect bone density is that, due to the different internal and external structures of the bone, when the ultrasound is transmitted to the wrist, two waveforms appear in a time difference of 2 microseconds to 3 microseconds. Data such as bone density and bone thickness can be measured, and bone elasticity data that CT cannot detect can be measured.
At present, the two companies have already cooperated with 10 hospitals to study the relationship between bone elasticity and osteoporosis. If you have detailed data on bone quality, this device can be an osteoporosis test device with higher performance than CT. The two companies plan to continue to improve this equipment and reach a practical level as soon as possible. Meditech

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