Medicinal Plants Heather Red Spot

Asbestos scientific name Photinia serrulata Lindl. Alias ​​Millennium red, pen tree, stone eye tree and so on. Is an asbestos branch evergreen shrub or small tree. Take dry leaves for medicine. It has the effect of removing wind, meridians and kidneys. Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Guangdong are all cultivated.

The symptoms are also called brown spots. The main damage leaves. The lesions on the leaves are irregular to round, 2-15 mm in size, dark red, with gray in the center and dark red on the edges. In the late stage, many black dots are produced on the surface of the leaves, that is, pathogenic bacterial fruit bodies.

Pathogen Cercospora eriobotryae (Enjojii) Saw. It is called Aspergillus spp. The fruiting body is born on the leaf surface, and the sub-spheres are spherical to nearly spherical, dark brown or black, with a size of 35-71 μm. Conidiophores dark brown dense, not branched, no diaphragm, no geniculate ganglion, conical or rounded tip, with scars but not obvious, size 6-192-2.5 (μm). Conidia whip or needle-shaped, colorless to light-brown, with 2-8 membranes, but not obvious, straight or curved, base nearly truncated, size 20-802-2.5 (μm).

Transmission Pathways and Pathogenic Conditions Most of the pathogens overwinter on dead leaves. The conidia of late springs are initially infected and reinfested by airflow. From July to September every year, it enters the peak of onset. It is usually easy to get sick during the rainy season or when it is hot and humid.

For control methods, see White Flower Mandala Gray Spot.

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