The 3 Difficulties in Farming Astragalus

This piece of seed is the first pass, and the seedlings are not well placed.

Seedlings 1, the choice of time for seedlings laying, the time and place of the earthworm are different, but generally in June and July, Hubei also has early seedlings in May, the risk of releasing early seedlings is large, old farmers are still afraid, not to mention Novices, Jiangnan generally want to miss the rainy days, and then as far as possible to open up a high-pitched period, (that is, see the fish a lot of red belly) 2, put what kind of seedlings, first put local seedlings as much as possible, Miao Yuan is clearly a cage The catcher or the electric catcher, the transport time is short, the damage is small, the seedling color on the large class Huang Shan is the best, but this seedling is not every place, followed by the fine class Huang Shan, this variety is many, Qing good not The test rate, did not eat long 3 how to choose seedlings, this chopsticks is difficult, more is based on experience, I believe that the first thing to look at luminosity, skin light, swimming powerful, tight feel, skin is not sticky, not The slip is sticky, and the sticky one is a fever. The most important thing to note is that after changing the water, Chen Miaozi is also very good at watching the spirits. But this is an illusion. Many newcomers will be planted on this, and the method of identification is to raise For a while, a prototype will soon appear, and then the new seedlings will soon be watery. Will be mixed candles, and Chen Miaozi will not, conditional water pressure can be used to vote on the seedlings, the floating on the top to play village, simmering seedlings removed 3, put seedlings weather, I think the rainy days, and boring dry days, day and night temperature difference Do not put seedlings in too large a day, sunny days, cloudy days, rainy days can be put seedlings 4 seed treatment, Huang Shan's skin is slightly acidic, and respiration, can not be used to stimulate large disinfection cannon seedlings, I Only with the dilution of the authentic EM, it can be disinfected and can repair the skin of Huang Shan.

Water quality, the early Qingtang did not say, I believe we will, what is important is the water in the net, sometimes the pond water is good, the water in the phase is already bad, especially after raising for a month, how to deal with it, first of all For the exchange of water inside and outside the net phase, I do not agree with the phase washing, the workload is large, and the effect is very small. You can put water first, lower the water level, put on a day, add water, do not feed too much, and eat as much as possible. It is a sign of water damage that water in the network phase is white or black. 2 is to use bacteria to change the water, but it must use genuine products, not for the cost of self-control, it is useless, usage is generally sprinkling food, or poured into the bottom, the effect is very good

The place where hepatoprotection is easy to despise, hey, I have also suffered a loss, can't see it, I can't touch it, it is a chronic process, the organ of the liver, the detoxification, the official of digestion, the water is not good, plus The gluttony characteristics of the good, long time, will become a fatty liver, black liver, liver cirrhosis, liver ascites, the performance is dizzy, swollen body, the more the bigger the more dead, later eat less, eat no weight gain, now Hepatoprotective drugs are many, three yellow powder, ah, I used, little effect, a new generation of drugs is containing glucuronolides, and then beets.

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