Do not turn planting on the ground harm to planting vegetables

Some Vegetables are being changed years ago. When the reporter went to the countryside, he discovered that many vegetable farmers did not turn over the soil or only planted pods and planted vegetables. This approach has a lot of drawbacks and should be corrected.

First of all, if you plant vegetables without going to the ground, the soil will have poor air permeability, which is not conducive to the deep rooting of vegetable roots. The soil does not plow, not only has poor air permeability, but also has a high degree of compaction, which is extremely unfavorable to the growth of vegetable roots. The practice of planting earthworms is also not good. Although the soil environment in the planting soil has improved, the cultivation of vegetables in the original planting pots is not conducive to the better growth of the vegetables, or the planting of all the potted land will be followed by planting the pots. The location will stagger the alignment of the vegetables and the tops, so that the vegetables will grow better after colonization.

Secondly, the planting of vegetables without turning to the ground may result in a lack of soil organic matter due to the inability to apply organic manure such as chicken manure. In the production of vegetables, the use of base fertilizer is very important, especially the use of organic manure such as chicken manure and rice manure in the base fertilizer is the basis for high quality and high yield of vegetables. Therefore, in spite of the rush to change vegetables in the past year, it is very important that the soil be deeply turned and the base fertilizer be applied with deep turning before changing the soil. According to the different types of vegetables to be planted, 15 to 20 square meters of chicken manure, 30 to 40 square meters of rice husk, 50 to 80 kilograms of compound fertilizer and 150 to 200 kilograms of biological fertilizer can be applied per mu. Conditional, the best base fertilizer to add cake fat, 100-150 kg per mu is appropriate.

In addition, colonization without landing is not conducive to improving the temperature. The soil does not plow, the temperature is slower, and after the planting of vegetables, it is definitely not conducive to rapid seedlings. In summary, before the vegetables are changed, it is necessary to do a good job in soil deep turning.

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