Fertilizer "four does not mix"

1, alkaline fertilizers ammonia, lime nitrogen, ash and other plants can not be with trichlorfon, dimethoate, methamidophos, fast carbazole, thiophanate, jinggangmycin, carbendazim, leaf glycosides, pyrethroid insecticides Agents and other pesticides mixed, otherwise it will reduce efficacy. 2. Alkaline pesticide lime sulfur, Bordeaux mixture, rosin mixture, etc., can not be mixed with ammonia fertilizers such as ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, etc.; otherwise ammonia loss will be lost. , reduce fertilizer efficiency. 3, arsenic-containing pesticides, such as calcium arsenate, aluminum arsenate, etc. can not be mixed with potassium salt, sodium salt fertilizers, otherwise it will produce soluble arsenic and phytotoxicity. 4, chemical fertilizers can not be mixed with microbial pesticides. Because chemical fertilizers are highly volatile and corrosive, if they are mixed with microbial pesticides such as acaricidal bacteria and adult bacillus, it is easy to kill microorganisms and reduce the control effect.

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