Straw returning technology (6)

Six, straw cover for what areas and after crops 1, straw cover technology, the residue or crop residues remain on the soil surface, do not turn into the soil, a protective layer of arable land. 2. Straw mulching can reduce soil moisture evaporation, inhibit the accumulation of salt and alkali on the soil surface, reduce soil erosion on slopes in rainy season, increase the acceptance and storage of rainfall in soil, resist wind erosion, and increase the CO2 content in the air near the surface, which is beneficial to To supplement the carbon sources required for photosynthesis, to increase the activity of microorganisms in the soil surface and to reduce the decomposition of soil organic matter. Long-term straw mulching can also increase soil organic matter, improve soil structure, fertilize fertility, and increase yield. 3. No-tillage method is adopted to cover all the straw on the ground surface without turning over. It is suitable for southern areas with high hydrothermal conditions and in arid or semi-arid areas. In high-cold areas, it is not suitable for use under all conditions because it affects the temperature of the soil. The no-tillage cover operation in high-cold areas is suitable for the conditions of sowing spring wheat in dry land.

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