Repellent body surface fungal disease prevention measures

Rabbits suffering from fungal infections can endanger the health of rex rabbits, directly affect the growth and quality of fur, and seriously affect the economic benefits of rex rabbit breeding. The disease prevention and control measures are introduced as follows for reference of farmers.

The pathogens of fleas fungal disease are the most common pathogens, namely, trichophyton, trichophyton, and gyptosporum, which are mainly transmitted through contact. Young rabbits are more susceptible than adult rabbits. The unbalanced feed nutrition of rabbits, the poor environment of the rabbit house, and the high temperature and humidity are favorable for the spread of this disease.

Clinical symptoms: The general spirit, appetite, and body temperature of the diseased rabbit are normal. The lesion usually starts from the head or near the head of the rex rabbit. The lesion is itching, and the round or irregular shape of the coat is exfoliated and the skin is damaged. It spreads to the surrounding area and spreads to the claws and other parts to form a trichome appearance. The subcutaneous tissue has an inflammatory reaction. Such as secondary bacterial infection, often cause hair follicle abscess.
Precaution. (1) The rabbithouse should be thoroughly cleaned and strictly disinfected before use. Floors and walls are sprayed with 3-5% sodium hydroxide or fresh lime water. Rabbit cages, crates and other utensils are sprayed with 5% of Suer Spray or formalin fumigation. (2) Strengthen feeding management, pay attention to ventilation and keep the rabbits clean and hygienic. (3) Reasonable grouping to prevent rabbits from having too much density. The pups and mother rabbits were raised separately and fed regularly. Disinfect the rabbit's abdomen and udder before breast-feeding. After suckling, return the pups to a clean rabbit cage. (4) Prevent rodents from approaching rabbit houses. (5) The rabbit cages, rabbit houses and utensils should be kept clean and sanitized regularly with a 10% bleach solution.

Treatment programs. Isolation of diseased rabbits in time, cut off the hairs of diseased rabbits, washed with soapy water, remove the moltings, and treated with the following drugs: (1) Oral clotrimazole, 0.5-0.8 g per rabbit, 2 rabbits per day, Until symptoms disappear; the remaining rabbits once a day, and even served 8 days. (2) Apply the affected area with clotrimazole dip syrup or clotrimazole ointment 4-5 times daily until it is cured. (3) Apply the affected area with 10% iodine or 5-10% copper sulfate solution until it is cured. (4) smear with waste oil or soap, you can also use honey vinegar tincture (9 parts of honey, 1 part vinegar), rub until it is cured.

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