How to Apply Fertilizer to Greenhouse Vegetables

The biggest difference between greenhouse vegetable fertilization and normal vegetable fertilization is higher requirements for fertilization. Improper application of chemical fertilizers will not only lead to soil compaction, cause vegetable damage, but also cause excessive levels of nitrate and nitrite. And these two substances have great harm to human health. Therefore, in the greenhouse vegetable production, we must be careful to apply chemical fertilizers, scientific fertilization.

Apply more organic fertilizer and less fertilizer. The organic fertilizer has a complete nutrient content and a long-lasting fertilizer effect. After application, it can not only improve the soil of the vegetable field, but also provide various nutrients for the vegetables. The application of organic fertilizer per acre greenhouse must be at least 3 cubic meters.

To control chemical nitrogen fertilizer, increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Although nitrogen fertilizer is an indispensable fertilizer in greenhouse vegetable production, it cannot be used excessively. Phosphorus and potassium, as quality elements, can participate in all biochemical reactions in the vegetable body and can activate more than 60 enzymes in the vegetable body, so that the stress-resistance of vegetables is significantly enhanced, and therefore should be used in large quantities. In addition, in the production and management of greenhouse vegetables, the frequency and time for lifting and opening the windows should be appropriately increased, and the light intensity should be increased to minimize the nitrate content in vegetables.

Chemical nitrogen fertilizers that need to be banned or limited are mainly include:

The use of nitrate-nitrogen, such as ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, and nitrate-containing compound fertilizers, is prohibited, reducing nitrate accumulation in vegetables.

It is not suitable to apply chlorinated fertilizers such as potassium chloride and ammonium chloride. Chloride ion can reduce the starch content in vegetables, make the quality worse, the yield is reduced, and the residue in the soil can cause decalcification of the soil, causing hardening.

Limited use of magnesium sulfate, ammonium sulfate fertilizers. Because the sulfate ion in the fertilizer is not easily absorbed by vegetables and stays in the soil, it will harm the growth of vegetables. In addition, limited use of ammonium bicarbonate, due to ammonia volatilization, can easily cause ammonia harm.

Under the premise of carrying out balanced soil fertigation formulation, the promotion of vegetable-specific compound fertilizers. Special fertilizers are developed based on the characteristics of fertilizers required by different vegetables and soil supply conditions. The nutrients are more complete, the nutrition is more scientific, the formula is more reasonable, the pertinence is stronger, and the yield of vegetables and the quality of vegetables can be significantly improved after application. . We will vigorously promote new chemical fertilizers such as zinc, molybdenum, calcium, and magnesium. These nutrients can positively improve the quality of vegetables and are indispensable for the growth of vegetables.

Promote bio-fertilizer vigorously, in particular, vigorously promote bio-organic compound fertilizers. Bio-fertilizer contains microorganism-activated bacteria. It is a four-in-one fertilizer composed of organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, fungus fertilizer and synergist. It realizes the scientific formulation of various fertilizers, complements each other's advantages, promotes mutual benefits, and realizes greenhouses. One of the best fertilizers for balanced fertilization of vegetables.

Limit the use of hormones. Some hormones, such as gibberellin (920), ethephon, paclobutrazol, etc., can be used to ripen and promote long after use, but can greatly reduce the quality of vegetables, and people's long-term consumption will also be detrimental to health, so it should be Use less of these hormones.

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